More than half of states will see nursing demand outstrip supply in the next 5 years

Mental health workers will also be in high demand and short supply in some states in the coming years.

The pandemic spurred massive workforce disruptions across all industries, especially in healthcare. Those workers, many of whom are unable to work from home, have witnessed the toll of the virus first-hand and are grappling with burnout that has some rethinking their careers. It also gave rise to changes in healthcare delivery, namely virtual care and home healthcare services.

In the next five years, the supply of certain healthcare workers and demand for others will shift, especially across local markets, according to a Mercer report. Hospitals and other providers tend to serve specific local markets, and unlike industries such as technology and manufacturing, they're limited in moving clinical work outside their markets.

That comes as expenses are rising for health systems that are scrambling to find enough workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Dr. Hnik Zairiya

    Dr. Hnik Zairiya Feb 23. 2023


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